starcraft hydralisk

Note that while the Hydralisk also has a melee attack animation when attacking ground units at melee range, this attack is still affected by the normal Ranged Attack upgrades. Against Terran , Hydralisks see varying amounts of usage. This page was last edited on 23 February , at The Zerg can even use an Overlord as bait to lure Corsairs onto the burrowed location. From Liquipedia StarCraft 2 Wiki. Once the target is pulled in, it must be focused down, wherever it’s abducted or mind-controlled. Hydralisks are used commonly against Protoss, and can be very powerful against Protoss when massed.

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However, against a mechanized Terran army consisting of GoliathsTanksand VulturesHydralisks are combined with Mutalisks to counter the Terran mech ball.

However, any bionic army that incorporates significant numbers of Tanks will generally obliterate Hydralisks, in which case they are only built to morph into Lurkers. This makes pure hydralisk compositions generally weak to unit compositions with high health and higher attack rates. Hydralisks and Lurkers are the ideal late game unit combination to fight the SK Terran strategy, in combination with Defilers.

Needle Spines attack speed changed from 0. For one supply they have double the health of a Marine ; they still tend not to be too cost-efficient, however. Hydralisks deal explosive damage, hydrralisk makes them good against buildings and large units.


Unit Spotlight: Hydralisk

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Also, compared to Heart of the Swarm, the range upgrade was merged with the Muscular Augments starcrafr. The Zerg needs hydraliisk be good at Storm Dodging to avoid getting all their Hydralisks killed instantly. Previous Post Previous Unit Spotlight: Hydralisks are generally weak to units including: Protoss late game, Hydralisks generally fall out of usage due to the raw attack power of Zerglings with Adrenal Glands, but if the Protoss decides to pump Corsairs, Hydralisks can be added back into the Zerg army to compensate.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This page was last hydra,isk on 17 Januaryat Zerg Units Zerg Upgrades. You are commenting using your Facebook account. They are a medium unit with varying counters based upon the fact that they are medium-ranged, fairly fast-moving once hydealiskand deal explosive damage.

This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat Hydralisk masses can easily take out buildings, thus they are sometimes used in drops on Protoss Bases to wipe out key buildings such as the Templar Starcfaft or the Nexus. Against the 2 Port Wraith build, Hydralisks are used to snipe enemy Wraiths and prevent them from doing too much harassment. Hydralisks are used commonly against Protoss, and can be very powerful against Protoss when massed.

Hydralisk attacks now have a new green visual effect once Grooved Spines has been researched. In the rare event that a ZvZ game ever lasts long enough for Hive-tech, Hydralisks may be coupled with the Defiler’s Dark Swarm and Plague to destroy the enemy Mutalisk flock. While seemingly undangerous units when facing a horde of Hydralisks, the combination of Colossi and Sentries does pose a lot of xtarcraft.


Unit Spotlight: Hydralisk – Sc2 Swarm

However, this tactic can backfire if the opponent has Zerglings, Lurkers or Ultralisks to send under the Dark Swarm to attack the Hydralisks. In the Zerg vs. Banshee Mutalisk Void Ray.

When paired with Lurkers in a Drop, Hydralisks can take out Observers that the Protoss brings in to detect the burrowed Lurkers. In the case that the Zerg has Lurkers, sniping Observers has the effect of increasing the potency of Lurkers. The most effective way to do this is to select your hatcheries and then your larvae, hgdralisk hydralisks select them and rally them to your main base.

Since hydralisks need a unit to buffer and tank damage and zerglings are easy to mass and relatively cheap you can put constant pressure on opponents by building up to a high hydralisk count and the massing zerglings and attacking.

Hydralisk (Legacy of the Void) – Liquipedia – The StarCraft II Encyclopedia

Lair Increases the movement speed of Hydralisks. If you have a spare hotkey it is good to give them their own hotkey. When faced against a bionic Terran army, Hydralisk useage depends on a few factors.

Zergs can also research Burrow and burrow hydraliak Hydralisk group in a spot where the Zerg player thinks the Protoss air fleet will fly over.