kishou arima

Top 10 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters. Displaying this new weapon, Owl, Arima revealed the quinque was made from the kakuhou of the One-Eyed Owl that he battled when he was 19, and it was his first time using it. He did a minor spar with Haise, subsequently returned the book he borrowed from Haise to him. Arima patrolled the facility and headed for the main building, leaving a section of the prison in Sasaki’s care. Arima went on to impale Kaneki through the abdomen with IXA, lifted him high into the air briefly before he threw him back to the ground. He inquired about the amnesiac Prisoner ‘s state with the Warden Shinme Haisaki.

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Arima was shown to have a very calm personality, he remained unperturbed and composed even when surrounded by several ghouls or facing the monstrous One-Eyed Owl.

Due to his outstanding talent, he was promoted to Rank 2 in less than a year. Despite his stoic demeanor, he was capable of forming friendships, he often borrowed books from Haise Sasaki, and Akira Mado described his feelings towards Sasaki as “parental love”. He also always carried on his back what was perceived to be a ‘guitar case. Upon having his gaze fall on Ken Kaneki, he quickly approached him with the intention of completing his mission and, without warning, dealt an attack towards Kaneki that tore a large chunk out of his abdomen.

Haisaki told him that Prisoner was refusing food, was apparently tormented by nightmares that made him cry worse than a baby during the night, and picked at his eyes so much they were festering; thus, the Warden expected the prisoner to die soon due to starvation.


Mortally wounded, Arima collapsed with blood pouring from his throat and mouth.

Afterwards, as the ambush on Cochlea began, Arima fired a bolt of condensed Rc cells at Ayato Kirishima, who was saved by one of Banjou’s group members. Sasaki revealed a large kagune, after Ayato, Touka and Yomo escaped, he repeatedly attacked Arima.

He is the protagonist of the spin-off Tokyo Ghoul: He had a very cold and calculating approach to exterminating ghouls as shown when he was about to finish off Renji Yomo, and Yoshimura appeared suddenly; instead of panicking or attacking he merely greeted the ghoul.

Arima and Sasaki’s family names are both present in the list of Japan’s Koke families during the Tokugawa Shogunate. Koori was visited by Arima, who had heard of his operation commander position from Marude earlier, and expressed ease as his former superior was the only one he could feel relaxed around after being promoted to Special Class.

After the other squad members were defeated he was left alone to face Shachi, who tried to take advantage of his weakness and struck from his blind spot. With Sasaki stunned and injured, Arima quickly recalled Owl’s blade and severed both of Sasaki’s arms. In his youth, Arima had dark blue hair.

Arima intercepted the three again when they tried to adima a door to the containment cell tower.

After Kaneki’s response, he turned his gaze upwards, mused that in his eighteen years as an Investigator, he had never faced an opponent he could not defeat. Miraculously, Sasaki recovered regaining his identity back as Kaneki Ken, and got back up as his kagune began to replace his limbs.

Arima quickly shook Sasaki’s binding by releasing Owl’s blade, which he then remotely activated so that it materialized below Sasaki and impaled him. He, along with the rest of his squad confronted Hinami Fueguchi, who after her fight with Takizawa, was in no fit state to put up a fight.


He inquired about the amnesiac Prisoner ‘s state with the Warden Shinme Haisaki. Touka attempted to block the blow but Renji pushed her away, taking the blow at his neck.

Kishou “CCG no Shinigami, The Undefeated Ghoul Investigator” Arima

Arima activated IXA and shot another bolt at Ayato which grazed his mask and destroyed it. However, Kaneki pleaded with him to accept his defeat and voiced his belief that continuing was meaningless. As Sasaki tried to attack Arima in his blind spot, Arima swiftly countered the attack and sliced both of Sasaki’s legs off.

Having distracted Renji, Arima struck at him with Narukami. Sasaki jumped and attacked Arima, who nonchalantly evaded the attack and countered with a barrage of projectiles. Arima entered Yoshitoki’s office while the latter was speaking with Urie.

Though Taishi believed Minami to be in love with Arima, in truth she was simply trying to manipulate them. The Arima clan was first on the list, while the Rokkaku clan was last, and many kept their family name as Sasaki. Arima was shown to respect the dead as he reprimanded Itsuki Marude when he talked ill about Mado after his death.

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He declared that his objective was to ensure no ghouls would pass through Route V14, and released bolts of Rc projectiles towards Kaneki. Taking advantage of his youth, he took on assignments that regular Investigators could not handle. Powers and Abilities – Half-Human Physiology: