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The truth is inspirational and terrifying in equal measure. Ynnead seems to be doing just fine, if forming the Yncarne is any indication. Whatever the means of becoming a Harlequin, to become one means erasing all that has come before including friends, family, and purpose. When the Kiss is punched into a victim, the wires uncoil and flail around, slicing the victim apart from the inside. First, four Mimes, appearing as daemons who pass their sensual and disturbing movements to the rest of the dancers. They owe no allegiance to any Craftworld , Corsair Fleet, Exodite World , or Dark Eldar Kabal , but rather recruit members from all factions, and will fight in their armies on all sides.

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While the various Eldar factions may not necessarily answer to the clowns, when they speak, everyone from Commorragh pimps and Craftworld wizards to Exodite farmers and Epdar pirates stops what they’re doing and listens. Adeptus Custodes – Sisters of Silence – Squats. However it happens, once an Eldar becomes a Harlequin, every aspect of their old identity is erased.

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A fallen sorcerer seeks the lore of the library. They don’t play on Necron Tomb Worlds given that the Necrons are the oldest foes of the Eldar and the haglequin have brought each other nothing but grief over the last few billion years, and Harlequins work to fight against them just as hard as they do against Chaos.

Masques are pretty small compared to most Warhammer subfactions, only consisting of about three squads or Troupes, each lead by a Troupe Master, plus support in the form of vehicles and specialist ledar like Death Jesters and Shadowseers.


Full masques have become an ever more common sight among the stars. Yet immediately after the Fall, the Harlequins vanished into the Webway to prepare harleqiun a war that would consume their future utterly. The Harlequins’ numbers are growing, and many among the Eldar wonder why. For the Harlequins there is no distinction between art and war; they are the archetypal warrior poets, elrar the labyrinthine expanses of the Webway, bringing enlightenment to their audiences and certain death to the servants of darkness.

The Harlequinsor Rillietannare a unique subset of the Eldar race, who split their time between being talented battlefield fighters and theatrical performers.

Eldar Harlequins

This is normally used to replay the death-agonies of enemies In the Harlequins’ view, they must perform their work for anyone and everyone who may benefit and learn the lessons from The Fall, and along the way inspire a little more hope for the galaxy.

Genestealer Cults – Tyranids. For help on citation see the citation guidelines. Always, the strands of fate have pointed toward the victory of Chaos during the last, mythic battle known to the Eldar as the Rhana Dandra. In recent years, the Harlequins’ war against Chaos has been characterised by a newfound urgency. As fabled events came to pass, so those chains faded one by one until the tome opened shortly before the opening of the Great Rift.

Thus, Harlequin troupes are a frequent sight on Imperial worlds, and exceptionally among xenos, the Imperium allows the Harlequin traveling bands full access to their worlds, as even the High Lords of Terra feel that one can only benefit from their beautiful plays. A troupe is a number of ‘ordinary’ Harlequins referred to as troupers led by a Harlequin Avatar.

Don’t even fucking ask if they play harlequjn Ork worlds you know, they probably do, but have to reduce the dialogue to indecipherable grunting, swearing and cockney slang.

Imperial Guard – Militarum Tempestus. Just as the Eldar on the Craftworlds funnel every aspect of their psyche into a single Pathso the Harlequins turn their minds absolutely edlar playing their allotted role.


You can help Lexicanum by fixing it. Others simply vanish from their personal chambers. Harlequins carry out several self-appointed duties since their first reappearance after the Fallthe most central of which is putting on theatrical performances of Eldar History.

The Harlequin’s protection of the Library is almost impenetrable; haroequin they will from time to time allow those who have conquered the Chaos within them to enter. As the Eldar are a scattered race, Harlequins constantly tour the domains of their species as well as other places; Harlequins believe other species should be told the stories of the Eldar as well in their duty to perform.

Retrieved from ” https: The most famous Saedath is Cegorach’s Revengethe military counterpart of the Fall of halrequin Eldar that values high-speed sorrow-driven slaughter over subtlety or cunning. How such an impossibility could come to pass is unclear, for on this matter the final act is infuriatingly vague.

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Harlequins survived into 8th and became all sorts of more killy and speedy, and get to freely mingle with hsrlequin Dark and Craftworld cousins thanks to sharing the Aeldari harlequi. Penned in inks of light and shadow, these words present a slender hope, detailing an intricate, galaxy-spanning performance with the potential to change the fate of the Eldar race.

Lexicanum pages needing citation. The overall leaders of the Harlequins are known as the Great Harlequins. Within its pages the Shadowseers have found a script, a secret final act that changes utterly the tale of the Fall.