Many users find Advanced Query Tool worthwhile just for this interface, which accesses all their database types. In use since and with tens of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product. Typically, 50 system queries are supplied. In addition, AQT has excellent cross-database features. Customer support is beyond the scale. Other databases will be added in the future. AQT is easy to use AQT provides a simple, clean and responsive interface which helps you get your job done fast and efficiently.

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Database types lists the versions for which system queries are available. Advanced Query Tool has the following main features to make your database work more productive. The term qiery is used rather loosely to refer to any SQL querry. This is a powerful way of quickly gaining an understanding of the data held in a table.

It can also also build update, delete and aqt query tool statements. This is a feature which interprets the view SQL and matches the view-columns with the source of the columns.

Advanced Query Tool

If you use databases frequently during your working day, you will find that AQT will save aqt query tool a lot of time. I’ve used AQT since I first found it at version 6 and could not live without it.


AQT provides manyfeatures for updating your tables too. AQT will make your life easier no matter whether you are developing reports, managing your database farm, writing stored procedures, loading test data or migrating data between systems. As a developer, I have used AQT sinceand can say, hands down one of the best tools I have ever used.

Yes, some came from batch, but most were entered manually.

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Advanced Query Tool is a fast and powerful multi-database query tool. AQT provides many features for updating your tables too. Just for fun, I have history files going back 10 yrs. The script file can contain hundreds or even thousands of SQL statements.

This provides you with a large amount of information useful for understanding and managing the database. See table info and aqt query tool an example of how this information is presented. Our customers vary from individuals with a handful of tables to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of tables. In use since and with tens of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product.

DDL for queryy tables and views can be generated.

For some databases AQT reads the system tables a. Simple and easy to use AQT has a simple clean and intuitive interface.

Database query tools

People who spend their day dealing with databases would find many of the features listed below extremely useful; most are unique to AQT or only available in expensive products.


The system-table query feature gives more information about this. Quefy Rich AQT is packed full of features. In developing this product, aqt query tool large amount of effort has been invested into providing a simple, fast and easy-to use interface.

Mature, stable and real-world tested In use since and with aqt query tool of thousands of licenses sold in over 70 countries, AQT is a solidly proven product. All these with just a few clicks. The system queries are controlled entirely by config files: For the Developer and DBA. Advanced Aqt query tool Tool has been extensively proven on the road. One tool, one price, for all your databases. Other databases will be added in the future AQT still works with databases other than these – just the system queries are not available.

Has a facility for generating text which contains table or column names. AQT is packed full of features. One app for all your databases No other product has AQT’s degree of multi-database support.