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They gave the Overmind a powerful desire to travel across the stars and absorb useful lifeforms into the Swarm, particularly the Protoss, their previous creation, so as to become the ultimate lifeform. The Protoss are depicted as a physically strong species with psionic abilities. In the manual to StarCraft , the Xel’Naga are described as a race determined to create the perfect lifeform. However, at the end of the game, the Protoss high templar Tassadar sacrifices himself to destroy the Overmind, leaving the Zerg to run rampant and leaderless across the planet. The use of unique sides and asymmetrical warfare in StarCraft has been credited with popularizing the concept within the real-time strategy genre. How the Orient plays host to PC gaming’s strangest culture”.

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Searm, at the end of the game, the Spzce high templar Tassadar sacrifices himself to destroy the Overmind, leaving the Zerg to run rampant and leaderless across the planet. The Protoss attempt to rebuild their lives on Shakuras, but are interrupted by a Zerg raid commanded by Sarah Kerrigan that kidnaps the dark templar leader Raszagal. In Brood War’s Episode V, the player takes the role of a captain in a UED expeditionary force, sent to pacify the wartorn sector after news of the discovery of the Zerg and Protoss makes its way to Earth.

They also ended Hybrid production by destroying the facilities, along with the Terrans that served Amon, the Ancient Xel’Naga. The Zerg are a completely organic race, making no use of lifeless technology and instead using specialized organisms searm every function. Believing their experiment a failure, the Xel’Naga were shunned and eventually attacked by the Protoss while departing Aiur. Their nests are epace of a thick organic matter, nicknamed the Creep, which provides nourishment for the Zerg and provides organic mass for Zerg Larvae and Drones to facilitate their transformation into larger forms.


These agents are cultivated by the military after being abducted from their former lives and put through an espionage training regime that can cost them their lives. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. All Protoss units and buildings are covered by a regenerating energy shieldfurther increasing the amount of damage that they can withstand, Although there is no way of natively healing or repairing, injured units can be healed by friendly Terran or Zerg medical units, and damaged mechanicals can be repaired by a late stage Spear of Adun upgrade.

Considered an adaptive and mobile species “too stubborn or stupid to know when give up” when faced with existential threatthe Terrans are noted in the lore of the series for their ability to quickly access and drain a planet’s resources.

Zerg has a cheaper town hall than other races, and its units have enough speed to defend multiple ones, so often expand faster and take more bases more safely than other races.

The Dark Templar Saga 1: At the behest of a group known as the Moebius Foundation, the Raiders gather the pieces of a Xel’Naga artifact, until it is revealed that the foundation is actually led by Valerian Mengsk, Arcturus’s son.

In the manual to StarCraftthe Xel’Naga are described as spcae race determined to create the perfect lifeform. Zerg are known for a powerful early game rush called the Zergling rush, which employ the early power of the unit and the fact that Hatcheries are able to produce them near instantly to bring an army to bear faster than any other race. IGN was also positive about the unit arrangements for the three races, crediting Blizzard Entertainment for not letting spafe become obsolete during extended sspace and for showing an “extraordinary amount of patience in balancing them.

She was later shocked after she knows that Raynor survived and held by Dominion as a bargaining chip. Described in the novels as a small army primarily consisting of members from Raynor’s former colonial militia, the Raiders use the hijacked former flagship of swram Sons of Korhal, the Hyperionas their base of operations. This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat The current Matriarch Vorazun allied herself with the Hierarch Artanis.


Using Raszagal as leverage, Kerrigan coerces Xwarm into killing a new Overmind in incubation.

Three things you probably didn’t know about StarCraft lore

Using light ballistics, large calibre weapons and even tactical nuclear warheads, many Terran units are reminiscent of present-day designs. The Xel’Naga whose name, according to the original StarCraft manual, means “Wanderers from Afar” are an ancient race that has been featured in the lore of the StarCraft series but did not make an appearance until the Starcraft II: Raynor is the protagonist and player character of StarCraft II: Operating as a hive mind -linked ‘chain of command’, the Zerg strive spacf ‘genetic perfection’ by assimilating the unique genetic adaptations of “worthy” species into their own gene poolcreating numerous variations of specialised strains of Zerg gifted with unique adaptations.

The gas is reserved for space travel. Legacy of the Void’ s epilogue campaign implies that death in the Void is the true end for a Xel’Naga. They consist of four societies, the conservative Khalai Protoss, the exiled Nerazim, the abandoned Purifiers and the sadistic Tal’darim. Tides of Darknessthe build received much criticism from zrrg press, prompting a redesign of the game engine and an overhaul of the races’ respective visual designs.

The Protoss are humanoidswith two luminous eyestypically gold, green, or blue.

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Zeratul was killed trying to save Artanis by severing his nerve cords. Shadow of the Xel’Naga. The Zerg are a collective consciousness of a variety of different races assimilated into the Zerg genome.

Stating that the use of distinct races allowed for the game “to avoid the problem [of equal sides] that has plagued every other game in the genre”, GameSpot praised Blizzard Entertainment for keeping it “well balanced despite the great diversity.