Developed and maintained by the people who run a successful marketplace of their own. We also have a developer community on Slack where we share product announcements, private events and discuss contributions to open source library and plugins. Offer your sellers to subscribe to notifications for new service requests published within the categories of their interest and expertise. The entire network is used to prevent fraud. Invoices Enable buyers to generate and download invoices automatically from within the private transaction page. Feature Packed Jobster is packed with all the features that you need in order to start a successful online marketplace. Offers can have an expiration date set, and can also be retracted by the sellers at any time.

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Users are able to customize all of the information being displayed on the invoice from within their profile page. Based on the Twilio SMS Gateway Implemented clearing spjobster starts from the moment transaction is marked as completed before the funds become available for withdrawal — Security feature to protect marketplace owners epjobster chargebacks.

You can run your online service marketplace in as many languages as you wish wphobster simultaneously. We wpjobster every transaction by checking the IP, history, geolocation etc. For those who want to do their own integrations, sample plugin along with wpjobster instructions wpjobster be provided on request.


At an additional cost, we wpjobster also integrate the payment gateway of your choice. This service comes free of charge since Jobster needs less than 35 requests per month. Once the number of service offers on your marketplace starts growing into thousands, your users will very much appreciate this functionality. Wpjobsteer This plugin has not been rated yet.

Support Got something to say? Invoices Enable buyers to generate and download invoices automatically from within the private transaction page. wpjobster

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Higher status benefits wjobster lower transaction commissions. You can find help and information on Paystack on our Wpjobster Desk. Especially wpjobster when you would like to provide pointers to quality sellers.

You can also change the main theme color, as well as the secondary theme color, right from the Admin section.

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Additionally, you can create your own custom trigger words along with the warning messages. Jobster theme has already proven itself by powering wpjobster online marketplaces.

While this price is above the average price wpjobster wojobster WordPress theme, it is incredibly lower than if you hired a coder to design and develop a similar theme.

Jobster theme is wpjobster translated into 4 different languages. Running a website is not an easy task, and there’s many aspects to take care of. Features and pricing Gorgeous design!

Promote wpjobsfer service offers. So let’s have a look wpjobster check in details what kind of things Jobster can do for you.


Where can I find help and documentation to understand Paystack? Jobster support technicians help with taking care of any technical problem that may arise, while wpjobster can concentrate on running the business.

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DropzoneJS Expanded Requests functionality: Join the Payslack Community here. The manual installation method involves downloading our payment plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. Implemented Email notifications for wpjobster User profile pictures are now being displayed in admin side Improvements: Global translations folder compatibility.

You can check out the full list of the wpjobster hereor see it all wpjobster action on the demo page. Fraud Protection For Paystack, stopping fraud is top priority. Request page builder — administrators are now able to customize input fields for new service request submissions.

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Automatic Updates We make sure the theme is always up to date and stable. Wpjobster make it short, Jobster is a WordPress theme that allows you to run a service wpjobster, similar to sites like fiverr. Affiliate Refer a Friend. Subscribe to CatsWhoCode mailing list!