Universal Entitlement to Education

As of now, the international convention of the UN Charter puts the compulsory module of primary education at the forefront and has instructed all member nations to ensure that free and compulsory primary education is provided to all citizens as a basic human right, irrespective of race, religion, region, gender, caste or creed. Of course, this universal right still stands far from being achieved in totality, and therefore the current focus of universal literacy is mostly streamlined towards Primary Education, for the purpose of achieving a strong foundation to achieve further laurels down the line. Once the first phase has been achieved, the UNESCO and World Education Forum will look towards the provision of free and mandatory secondary education. But frankly speaking, we are still a great distance away from the goal, especially since not even the draft of the universal entitlement of education has been adopted by most Third World Nations, and many Second World Nations.

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Education in Palestine

The fact that the World Economic Forum is scheduled to be held at Palestine, speaks volume about this state, which is yet to be considered as a legitimate one by 57 members nations of the UN. Most of us have a fair idea about the bloodshed and strife that has entrapped Palestine ever since its formation with the proposed British partition and exit plan in 1947. Since the Arab Nations did not agree to the allocation of territory for the formation of a new state for Jews (Israel), the formation of Palestine was soon followed by a gruesome war with Israel in 1948. Ever since then, both states, and Palestine in particular has witnessed bloodshed and violence at an almost constant pace, so to speak. But despite these internal and external disturbances, the state of Palestine has been successful in achieving a literacy level above 96%, which is extremely commendable. Compared to the international literacy rate, this percentage is extremely high and what is even more heartening is the fact that there has been a rapid decline in the illiteracy figures of women as well. In a nation that is yet to be fully recognized, and is stereotypically viewed as a conservative Muslim State, this is nothing short of a laudable achievement.

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