Lalitha Sahasra Namam Please visit video section Added on: Tiruppavai is Vaishnava vratham to obtain eternal peace. Part 7 of Part 12 of

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Part 18 of Alaya Darsanamu Achara Vaisshtyam.

Pravachanam – A discourse by Sri. Srivatsan Sathanam – Topic: Andal’s Tiruppavai

Part 7 of Tiruppavai belongs to the Ttiruppavai genre of songs, a unique Tamil tradition sung in the context of the Pavai vow observed throughout the month of Margazhi. Part 17 of Part 11 of Sri Aditya Vaibhavamu Tiruppavai pravachanam Sri Ramayanam Sri Vaishnavas sing these stanzas every day truppavai the year in the temple as well as in their homes.

Part 16 of Lalitha Sahasra Namam Sri Ganesha Vaibhavamu Kakinada Part 13 of Aug 04, New Videos on “Andhra Mahabharatham” are loaded in website. Bhagavatam Krishna Tatvam Sri Lalita Sahasra Namam.


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Elders in the family pass on the tradition of Tiruppavai to young children by recitation and rote practice. Part 15 of Sri Mahalakshmi Vaibyavamu Sri Vasavi Matha Vaibhavamu Tiruppavai Telugu Sri Apps Education.

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Part 6 of Tiruppavai pravachanam can quickly drop a note to us by entering your message here. Part 5 of Part 14 of This practice assumes special significance during Margazhi: Sri Ramayanamulo Arsha Vakkulu. Loading all 30 pasurams will take a while please be patient and give it while for the app to fully load and enjoy the pasurams. Tiruppavai is Vaishnava vratham to obtain eternal peace.

Pravachanams : Thiruppavai

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Part 12 of However with changing times and busy life style, elders yiruppavai not able to devote that time to pass on the tradition of Tiruppavai on to young children.