The “Aural Sculpture Manifesto” on the 7″ single was played before The Stranglers appeared on stage during concerts during both the “Feline” Tour and the “Aural Sculpture” Tour. It took ’em nine years, but they’re at their peace now. Let Me Down Easy. November 17th, – To view archive news items click here. Jazz Latin New Age. Which isn’t to say that this is preferable to putting on their first couple albums and early singles and rocking out to the sheer unrepentant, harsh rock of greats like “Hanging Around,” “Straighten Out,” or “No More Heroes”; but it sure is OK to veg out and dream along with these lithe little pop songs, with Hugh Cornwell now cooing instead of growling the likes of “Let Me Down Easy” and “No Mercy,” and especially “Skin Deep. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

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Bonus Tracks on the CD stranglfrs The songs got compromised by a company man who came in with a brief to follow. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

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Preceding the program was a short explanation of the following squeal, which was voiced by Dave Greenfield. Following their Epic debut Felinethe band started work on tracks for the qural up album early in The stranglers aural sculpture the European dates passed, the situation worsened and sculpure came to a head in Rome.


You just never thought they could transition to this contrasting style so well. The “Aural Sculpture Manifesto” on the 7″ uaral was played before The Stranglers appeared on stage during concerts during both the “Feline” Tour and the “Aural Sculpture” Tour.

Discography Soulsec Celia and the Mutations. What an out and out shock. It was done on an adventure writing program on the Spectrum. Outwardly, the signs were very promising for the band, especially with the favourable upturn in interest across Europe and the Antipodes. Laurie LathamThe Stranglers. I always got the stranglers aural sculpture beaten or outvoted, Jet was more supportive of Hugh over me.

Behold Aural Sculpture!

Sexy Trippy All Moods. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Aural Sculpture is the eighth album recorded by The Stranglers. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Sad considering that it should be on display in a museum now……. The Stranglers have gone sensual, sounding sincere, serene, and sensitive and philosophically introspective. The idea behind Aural Quest was born.

JJ explained the reasoning behind this: Am I proud of that period? The tape version of the album had a ZX Spectrum computer program called Aural Quest at the end of the tape, which could be loaded using the Spectrum’s usual tape loading method. Hugh was much more into the idea of brass than I the stranglers aural sculpture. I think Un Jour Parfait is a far better track.


Aural Sculpture

JJ, Aural Sculpture tour, Europe stranglerss Aural Sculpture was dominated by Hugh to be honest. The horns were the suggestion of producer Laurie Lathamwho was brought in after Epic Records rejected the initial demos of the album tracks.

The stranlers of Aural Sculpture was the stranglers aural sculpture a shock to the system at the time, dividing opinions of both fans and critics. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Retrieved from ” https: The keyboard brass sounds in those days were nowhere near as good as they are now. Let Me Down Easy. Views Read Edit View history. Alex was very talented, he was an incredible sax player, bass player and keyboard player.