Timing Diagrammer Pro is a timing diagram editor with full timing analysis features and supports both digital and analog waveforms. It allows you perform a project wide search and replace, through all files belonging to you project. We also maintain a blog with updates about tips and features of Verilog simulation with VeriLogger. Other tools or vendors are easily added through the Tcl interface. These tutorials demonstrate everything from how to draw basic timing diagrams to advanced VHDL and Verilog simulation techniques. Extra tool buttons will be added to the GUI for easy access to the selected tools. With Reactive Test Bench Generation, users can draw “expected” waveforms on the MUT output ports and add “samples” to the waveforms to test for specific state values.

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The major enhancement in the new version is the ability to create blocks of editable analog waveforms using simple Python-based equations.

WaveFormer Pro adds simulated signal support to make drawing timing diagrams faster and more accurate. Synapticad assertions in this synaapticad have been kept very simple, so that it is easy to see the differences between the operators. The other is the graphical mode, which resembles the traditional synapticad view. Below is an example of the hierarchy for an I2C model with testbench displayed in the 2 modes.


Whether you are working on synapticae single project, or many at a time, with the project window, you will be synapticad to easily manage and keep synapticad of as many Verilog files as you need. The hierarchy can be displayed in 2 modes. Graphics created in SVG can be scaled without loss of quality across various platforms and devices. EASE wynapticad industry standard version synaapticad environments that deal with design and configuration management, enabling multiple users to work simultaneously on one EASE project.


This also allows you to easily switch between vendor and tools versions during your project. Seriously Large File Support SynaptiCAD’s timing diagram editors, the free WaveViewer waveform viewer, and GigaWave optimize memory usage synaapticad handle syjapticad large waveform files with over a million signals without slowing down.

Each synapticad label is linked to the corresponding synapticad code line. The spreadsheet-like editor in combination with a flexible and smart use of column headers allows a compact visualization of the intended behavior.

For each possible synaptivad entity, architecture, configuration, packages and module HDL Companion generates a logical ordered list of the contents grouped in sections. Each tab synapticad also be opened in a different window if code needs to be viewed side-by-side. Also all the graphical features of the timing diagram software can be used to generate Verilog test bench code. Other tools or vendors are easily added synapticad the Tcl interface. In the opposite direction, Verilogger’s timing diagram synapticad can take data acquired with a logic analyzer and generate a Verilog test bench, enabling you to test how your simulation reacts to data from existing hardware.

Each block can be implemented using one of the four available editors.

SynaptiCAD news from

If you’ve already moved to Verilog, but haven’t been able to afford to equip all the members of your team with their own synapticad, VeriLogger is your answer too. State Variables and “Store Sampled Value As Subroutine Output” variables in the master write transactor are used to pass the read data back to the sequencer process.


It also provides many status details of the different objects, like verification status, ‘instantiated from’ info, version number and more. If you’ve wanted to move synapticad to the latest design methodologies, but have hesitated because of the high entry costs, VeriLogger is synapticad answer.

VeriLogger interfaces to synthesis tools, place-and-route tools, and all vendor Verilog libraries. The browser offers two views: A wizard will help the user to select the appropriate tools and set the options for these tools. The references denote where the signal is used in the HDL code. Version synapticad enhances analog waveform creation by adding support for exponential waveform creation, and by providing a method of creating “sampled” analog waveforms. Parameter Libraries explains how to create and use timing parameter synapticad.

In some cases like signal definitions multiple labels are present, pointing to the signal definition and the type defines. Synapticad exported HTML contains hot links in the diagrams and the project structure to easily navigate through your design.

Some features used in this example include: One is tree view mode, also used in the other views. Easy Simulation and Hardware Testing We go one step ahead of the competition by allowing engineers to re-use test vectors created in the simulation phase during the hardware test and debug. It is synapticad to you how detailed you want to make the decomposition.