I guess that was one journey that felt right in that time in my life. Your Swaay EP is about to come out. The beginning of the song teases funk elements that we hope DNCE will dive into a little more when the time comes to release a full length album. I love seeing us all having a blast. Toothbrush Dnce — Story of The Tooth.

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I love being able to blend these three and create something unique for people. We made those moments into songs.

In the long run, do you see yourself as a solo artist or in a band format? Is this music for Jonas Brothers fans in your opinion? Whoever wants to hear us and likes us should come to more shows.

Finally, after being involved with other musical projects, the four-piece is entering their career as DNCE without an ego: We were working in the studio non-stop.

Pay My Rent is another jam that would most certainly bring live crowds to their feet. Joe and I have been talking about this since we were touring with The Jonas Brothers. Swaay dnce feels good to look to my left and right and see three other people on stage with you that love music as much swaay dnce you.


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swaay dnce It is out, and ready for the world to hear! The songs help swaay dnce remember those moments. Your Swaay EP is about to come out. The different levels of animation allow fans and critics to see that DNCE is more than one dimension. Every song, when you listen to it, gives you butterflies because it gives you those moments.

To announce the project, you threw a bunch of secret shows in New York at your rehearsal space. The second reason can be answered by JinJoo. Which artists influenced this project for each of you?

A lot of people are faced with that situation, so we wrote about those moments. sqaay

DNCE – Swaay

There is a shift in mood when Toothbrush creates a slower, sexier vibe that deviates from the high energy party tunes that preceded it. We obviously sing it a lot, too.

I think Dncr can say for all of us, we love rock, pop, and funk. We started rehearsing some of the new songs we were finishing up. I love seeing us all having a swaay dnce. We have so much fun, but we find ourselves in strange situations all the time.


DNCE, fronted by Joe Jonas, first swaay dnce listeners with the high energy tune inspired by the popular adult beverage, sex on the beach. So is your debut EP swaay dnce one-off, or is there an album on the way? Yes, add me to your mailing list. Notify me of dncce posts by email. We played for basically a Bat Mitzvah last night, which was a conference room full of 1, people seated.

DNCE – Swaay | Pop Culture Daily

Was this project in the works for a long time? Or was swaay dnce a last minute addition? Because this song is so invigorating, I was a little worried that the rest of the EP would not be able to measure up to the high expectations I had for DNCE. We finished [with The Jonas Brothers] almost three years ago.

We went from doing cnce shows a night to doing six or seven.