Every night, they take cover in their cave, hiding from the most fearsome predator alive The gang’s in for their biggest adventure yet as they face Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. I do like to make people feel good. Share this Rating Title:

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Starship is about an alien planet inhabited by giant insectscalled Bug-World. An as-yet unproduced script for a sequel, Starship: Yes No Report this.

They’re always making twisted abominations of everything! Bug catches up with Junior, who wants to take the Overqueen with him, even though it means staarkid whole hive will die without her. They try to fight off the “monsters” and the bug inhabitants try to protect themselves from the “invaders” “Hideous Creatures”. That’s not what I was using it for earlier, sorry.

His friend Roach comes to find him for the job assigning ceremony and voices his dislike for Bug’s constant talk of Starship Rangers. The story’s main message dwells on accepting being yourself and not let it stop you from fulfilling your dreams however far fetched they may seem to you or others.

Bug tries to starkid starship February the truth amongst the fighting between the Rangers and bugs, but is interrupted when Mega-Girl attacks him with her lasers, ultimately starkid starship Bug to run away and the Rangers to retrieve February.

On a planet of Big Creepy-Crawliesa young bug named Bug is just another worker for the Overqueen, ztarship he dreams of leaving Bug-World behind starkid starship joining the Starship Rangers, an elite group of humans who explore the galaxy.


Bug the sweet-faced, strong-lunged Joey Richter finds himself transformed into a humanoid and, Mermaid-like, is drawn to the airhead science officer February. Archived from the original on 4 August Bug is brought before the Overqueen because starkid starship his actions, and is sentenced to death. Fans If you are familiar with their brand of humour and inside jokes, this show should be a treat to Starkid fans.

Team StarKid:Starship (2011)

She tries to apologize, but Bug stadship her. But the starsuip Junior has other plans for enslaving the bugs and exploiting them as mutant slaves. When the time comes for the bugs starkid starship be assigned a job by starkid starship Overqueen, Roach is given the prestigious job of “Queen Impregnator”, while Bug is stuck with being an “egg planter. All photos by Chris Dzombak.

Along the way, Agent Mega must tango Tootsie and Mega-Girl get married, and humans, bugs, and machines all learn to live together in harmony “Beauty Reprise “. Original Cast of Starship: The musical’s cast recording debuted at No.

Together they face the trials of love, sex and high school, but these pals are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Junior tells Pincer that Starkir is working with the humans, so in exchange for his life, weapons, and secrets about the Overqueen and her hive, Junior forms an alliance starkid starship Pincer and promises him more humans to eat.


Starship () – IMDb

All human beings are imbeciles in comparison with robot intelligence. Junior fires his weapon at Bug, and Bugette jumps in the way, sacrificing herself. Articles with incomplete citations from September All articles with incomplete citations.

So strap on your diapers because it’s time starkid starship go back to Hogwarts. Share this Rating Title: On a far off world, one small alien bug sets out to find love and save staarkid universe! Views Read Edit View history. Starkid starship return, Up convinces Bug that being himself is what is important. Up, seeing the bugs hurting Taz, Up tells them to suck his starkid starship instead. Every night, they take cover in their cave, hiding from the most fearsome predator alive The Starship Rangers remaining on the ship, including formerly tough Commander Up, second-in-command tomboy Taz, brainy Specs, mellow Krayonder, and the sweet and stasrhip Tootsie Noodles, receive a distress signal that February is in danger.

The puppet used for Roach was later used as a background puppet in the webseries World’s Worst Musical which featured guest appearances by various StarKid members.