For their language, see Sangheili language. However, the area they were deploying to was swarming with Stealth Sangheili. A pair of them were engaged and killed by John under Armory A , but their interference allowed more Sangheili to kill the gunnery sergeant in the armory. Birth of a Spartan. Sesa ‘Refumee in Halo: Unfortunately, the truth was covered up and John was used as a scapegoat to hide the UEG’s laxity towards preventing the attack, much to the frustration of the Sangheili delegation. Recruit Non-canonical appearance Halo:

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Picked to become Arbiter by the Prophet of Regret, he was given command of the Fleet of Glorious Interdiction and charged with spearheading humanity’s destruction, being the Dragon-in-Chief of Halo Wars. Reference Art of Halo.

Some lineages, such as Vadam, have control over their own states, [84] although this is not always the case; it is typical for Sangheili of other lineages to occupy smaller keeps in a state named after another lineage. Many Sangheili believe that a weapon is to be drawn only if it is to be used, because a drawn weapon “demands blood.

This was to ensure the Sangheili would not pose a threat to humanity again, in spite of the UNSC’s alliance with the Arbiter’s faction.

What Halopedia is not. Edit this page Discuss this page Page history. While the technician worked, Palmer was forced to defend against a massive enemy assault force; Parg Vol had heard about the attempted theft of his personal transport, and sent all available Covenant forces to stop the humans.


During the initial stages of the Battle for EarthStealth Sangheili were among the Covenant boarders that invaded a cluster of orbital defense platforms to destroy them from within, to allow the Fleet of Sacred Consecration to descend to Earth’s surface.

The Essential Visual Guide. One of the highest ranks attainable by a Sangheili, an Imperial Admiral bestows the control of large combined fleets and operate on powerful capital warships, such as an assault carrier or supercarrier.

They are armed solely with energy swords, making them extremely dangerous in close-quarter situations. Combat Evolved and Halo: However, for a significant period, they found themselves as the dominant military muscle for the entire Covenant structure – hardly surprising given the warlike, feudal nature of their homeworld. A prominent Sangheili leader from about four centuries before the events of the original trilogy, who got into trouble with the Hierarchs for his lack of belief in “the Great Journey”.

Check out our collection of quotes related to Sangheili in its quotes page. Their most distinguishing trait is their jaw structure, which is made up of four separate mandibles attached to their face. They seem to believe that humans, although physically weak, at least compared to themselves, are brave and even honorable.

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Recent contributors to this page The following users recently contributed to this article: Although Sangheili are naturally very intelligent, their culture’s long dependence on a military-industrial schema has led to an emphasis on might over science. While their energy shielding and armor is not as strong as other Sangheili in the game, they are still extremely deadly. They have forward-facing eyes with vertical slits and horizontal eyelids much like those of terrestrial reptiles, [48] [note 1] likely giving them high-resolution central vision and depth perception.


After the firing of the Halo Arraythey were returned to their home planet to begin rebuilding their culture. saangheili

A pair of energy sword wielding Stealth Sangheili along with a group of Special Operations Unggoy defended the door connecting the second Valley of Tears to the tower that would lead to the Mausoleum of the Arbiterwhere the Sangheili prepared to fight a last stand against the Covenant.

Official Spartan Field Manual. A pair of them were engaged and killed by John under Armory Abut their interference allowed more Sangheili to kill the gunnery sergeant in the armory.

The Prophets sought to achieve this through the use of the other Covenant races, primarily the Jiralhanae. Instead, Huragok and other species are employed as medical personnel. The apostrophe in front of the clan name indicates a sound resembling a glottal stop or click. An insult to be sure, but one with a modicum of respect.

Stealth Sangheili

Their role focuses on acquisition of intelligence and strategic countermeasures than sanghheili combat. Sangheili exhibit minor sexual dimorphism, with the females being slightly smaller than the males. A Zealot in Halo 4: An early Sangheili during Halo: The Art of Halo 5: