Palestinian National Council

In lieu of the World Education Forum to be organized in Palestine, it would be apt for member nations and seminaries to understand the basic governance, legislation and administration of the state. The highest governmental authority or governing body that has been officially recognized in Palestine, is the Palestinian National Council. In fact, this is the very body that oversees, controls and governs the affairs of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which we keep hearing about frequently in the news. While the PNC is largely as legislative body, the implementation of the various affairs is carried out its very own Executive Committee. Yet again, for the motive of administrative efficiency, we have 16 geographical divisions within the state of Palestine with a local administrative body to implement and monitor the various rulings of the PLO Executive Body. And as most of us are aware, the demographics of Palestine clearly denote it as a predominantly Islamic State, with close to 92% of the total population being comprised of the Sunni Sect of Muslims, while the remaining is comprised of Shias and Ahmediyas. Just so you know, there is also a microscopic minority of Christians in the state, while there are almost no Jews remaining, all of them having moved to the designated Jewish State of Israel.

Objectives of the World Education Forum

The objectives of the World Education Forum as a whole, and the conference to be organized in Palestine can be summarized as follows:-

  • To address the various social and economic challenges and perplexities pertaining to the universal propounding of free and compulsory primary education
  • To enable citizens struggling in warring and strife-torn nations to prioritize education and build a better future for themselves
  • To raise and communicate a voice of concern for neo-liberal economics and the various social and political concerns pertaining to the right to universal literacy
  • To look at the practical day-to-day scenario and challenges in the schools of Palestine from shutting down of schools as part of curfews, staggering attendance rates, to militarization and bombings, to rampant fear and cancellation of visas of teachers and so on
  • To study the present curriculum and propose revisions and improvisations based on inputs from leading Educational Experts from around the world
  • To identify and document the positive aspects or merits of the Palestinian Education System that enable the achievement of high literacy level despite the ongoing conflict, and implement a similar system in other war-torn countries in the world.