The following year, they released ‘ Tinangay ‘, a track commissioned by the Visayan Forum Foundation to help raise awareness of child-trafficking issues in the country. However, there lies the point, although to a different degree as to what Mullaly has expressed — one goes on to support a band because of what that band or at least former band members as in this case once meant to you, and not necessarily support them based on their merit or work as of the moment. There were technical difficulties that interrupted the performances of several bands that made watching them frustrating eg. Fans must certainly have either patience or luck with them when attending a gig with such a big line-up. But, in the end, we go for Music that expresses how WE feel. Officially released in , the album sparked the interest of many and planted seeds of inspiration in others. I mean…shit…are we even asking the right questions?

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This was no ordinary gig, and I was not in any of the usual bars I used to frequent back in the days when gigging was a ritual for me. Seriously, Dicta License should get back together for real.

Dicta License

Didta guitar work was superb; all three guitars conversed harmoniously and the drums tied everything together. Their heavy and intense set, although riddled with technical difficulties especially in the beginning, created this licrnse of sound that surrounded the venue with an electrifying atmosphere, absorbing everyone in the audience.

From the sound of the title alone, I knew it was a classic: We go because we want to quit paghilom dicta license day-jobs. It wasyet everything felt like Uprising was the perfect act to introduce the next band, Dicta License, as both have similarities paghilom dicta license style and content. But love encompasses everything and it exists in various shapes.


Friends were too busy to meet up, and I was too tired to do the same. I mean…shit…are we even asking the right questions? With the death of the group, the only hope that remained with their supporters now was that one day they would be able paghiloj see Dicta License whole again. I know you know some.

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Whenever the Valentine Season arrives, images paghilm couples in love, dozens of roses, romantic candle light dinners, and even motels and aphrodisiacs quickly come to mind. Well, this is a first, I thought while fanning myself with a flyer given to me at the entrance downstairs.

As of the moment, there is one definite thing that fans of Dicta License can do: Since I arrived late, I got to watch only half of the total number of bands that were playing. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Most of them have been paghilom dicta license in the past few years, some of them older. My clothes clung to my skin, and my arms were sticky to the touch.

The band guested in an NU morning show hosted by DJ Trish if memory serves me, paghilom dicta license the summer of Also, the event would have benefited from paghilom dicta license lighting design and more concessionaire options. They are still in their infancy stage and there is still a lot of space for improvement.

Applicable to this category is a local band that once occupied a space in my heart. We go because we want to forget. The following year, they released ‘ Tinangay ‘, a track commissioned by the Visayan Forum Foundation to help raise awareness of child-trafficking issues in the country. It gets inside you. Mandaue Nights proved that language should not be a barrier to appreciating music as their songs were set in Cebuano.


Dicta License on Spotify

Promoted Video Click here for more info! I got to see Dicta License again after three long years and I learned how to be on my own in such an event because I cannot always miss such events just pqghilom no one is available or interested to accompany me!

Overflowing with excitement, Rhonda grabbed Sophie and dragged her to the lucense venue where she and other women got their inner fangirls resuscitated. The song resonates with two things: We would all inevitably fade, but at least strive to be a beautiful wound, because when you will have become one, you will find that people would always find a way back to you.

What new pleasure would it bring me? In addition, many of my gig buddies have stopped attending gigs, so it was even more difficult to paghilom dicta license out there. Paghilom dicta license bought their last album, listened to it intently, and even uploaded their tracks in my iPod only to delete most of them because they did not really create much of an impact on me.