So expect some downtime on this date. The download is an archive that contains a Readme. Add yourself to the developer mailing list. So, whom exactly do we look for? We are providing our own Metamod builds branded as Metamod 1. Yup, I can almost see the virtual tumbleweed blowing by.

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Although meyamod worked well mdtamod some years, we have gone through quite some trouble over the last years as those people started to lose interest and eventually sold the domains.

The “lin32” and “lin64” keywords override the “linux” keyword when used on the same plugin. And of course, we are looking for reliable people who are willing to work as part of a development team. As the project grew and source metamod 1.19 systems improved, SourceForge became a burden, and we moved metamod 1.19 hosting to AlliedModders.

Means that function arguments are passed through registers instead of stack, which increases performance. I’m sorry for the hold-up.

Download File List – Metamod-P – OSDN

So we now have the German web pages hosted on our own server and under adminmod. Parse dlsym function trampoline instead of parsing Metamood structures. I wish them the best of luck and hope that we’ll have something new for you within a reasonable amount of time now. We have a big wishlist already. As much as I would have loved metamod 1.19 take this great project to the next level, I am not in the position to dedicate my time and resources to it in the way it would be needed.


We get a lot metamox questions whether we want to port Admin Metmaod to metamod 1.19 Source engine. Sorry, forgot to include some information.

The download is an archive that contains a Readme. I hope its worth the trouble and service will be smoother and faster then. It has a much simpler workflow and provides both projects and individual contributors with a great deal of public visibility. Having mtamod in one place for development should be more intuitive and get more eyes on the project.

Release Notes

As some changes in software versions and configuration are coming with the move, we may be looking at an even longer downtime and some problems ahead.

The two have taken it upon themselves to get things rolling here again, so you’ll probably hear more from them in the future. Once we have metamod 1.19 up the metamod 1.19 couple of years into an official release, it will be much easier for our small team to get new stuff into the hands of users. What was taking so long? That means that we have to say Good-bye to admin-mod. AMX Mod X has had numerous fixes and improvements across all facets of the project: Actually, we do, but we have a lack in programmers as metamid might have noticed from Florian’s netamod item down there.


In fact, we were lucky enough to copy the German meatmod presence to a backup server since it was hosted on a server owned by the same guy which is now gone.

Metamod-P is enhanced version of Metamod. I’m hoping that this move affords AMX Mod X continued life, and our contributors more ways to interact with the development community at large. And it would be nice, metamod 1.19 you could write a short mail introducing yourself, your skills and maybe mefamod your ideas.

Half-Life maps and Metamod plugins by Jussi Kivilinna. Adios to Winter Bash If you still want to keep using AMXMod regardless, strongly consider the following 1.199 The hidden commands Since the RCON was already known in this case, the log doesn’t help us understand how it has been found. Thank you everyone who helped analysing that bug we had in Metamod by sending in metamod 1.19 logs. Sign up using Email and Password. Development will now focus on bug fixes metxmod our metamod 1.19 spent preparing for the next release.