The set has worked for me I was just wondering. Terry, just didn’t know if there was anything besides Nroute that could be used that others have turned over the years. Route Toolbar Stop Route You can stop navigating the route, but software will continue to show your location and create a track log. It also shows the next street you are approaching. You can select each tab by using the mouse or with an F key.

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Let us know how it goes. The maps that come with Mobile PC any version are not usable by MapSource as they are already compiled. This is useful because it dims down the brightness of the screen that can be distracting while driving at night.

It also shows the next street you are approaching. It is also advised to configure Garmin nRoute before you start driving, since its controls garmin nroute be hard to operate while driving. However, if you really like the 2d map garmmin of Mapsource and nRoute, this will be lost on you as it is on me. I have it working with the software-only version of Mobile PC garmin nroute it’s not just plug-and-go like it is with nRoute. However, you can create a route in MapSource using this tool, then cut and paste it into nRoute, into the Saved Routes area.


What screen garmin nroute and size are nroutd using? This is handy when you want an update of when your next turn is. Driving Directions After an autoroute is selected, you can get text directions on this page with leg time and distance.

It’s more appropriate here.

Garmin nRoute

It’s a really nice nav program, one of the nicest. User can also choose the size of the triangle in Preferences under the Display tab. What do you think? If nRoute and the GPS18 do the job you want, stick with it.

Garmin nRoute – Download

Thanks for help John. All replies are most certainly appreciated folks. Because garmin nroute have to have MapSource to use nRoute, most users will already have a basic understanding of how to operate the program. Microsoft offers a 60 day free trial of their product you could try out.

You can however switch it so only the active route is visible, in the Hroute, under the Display tab. He bought this back when you could get 2 unlock codes for 1 map.

Download Garmin NRoute

To see the limited uses of nRoute and what it can do for you, if you do not have a GPS unit which autoroutes or have City Select software installed on your laptop, click here.


The set has worked for me I was just garmin nroute. Options are day, night or automatic. You can’t use it in either Mapsource or nRoute.

I would recommend 6. These are the new features: My laptop is a older Toshiba Satellite L, 15″ screen, celeron M. This should be enabled to Track Up, except when you are panning garmin nroute searching the map, like you would on a paper map.

Hi Sniggley, It’s good to hear you garmin nroute nRoute working for you again. I especially like the ability to use a mouse pointer to change farmin route and see the end result on the left side of the screen.


Download Garmin nRoute

Bought new garmin nroute Vista Home Premium 64bit Dell. Next Maneuver This button will preview your next turn in the route. It is overpriced for what it can do though and probably serves a very limited market.

This application comes with compatibility for various Garmin GPS devices, but it requires a City Select product that is unlocked to a certain Garmin GPS so that it can enable automatic routing mode with voice assistance.