Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Hate to break it to you, Fanjita, but I’ve known and personally seen an awful lot of gay guys kiss or make out with women—even a few who screwed a girl out of curiosity, the key distinction oftentimes being that they aren’t usually attracted to and don’t want a relationship with a woman. These things happen; sexuality’s a lot more fluid than most people will acknowledge. General Comment The chorus is: I was in the music video

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Frankmusik – 3 Little Words (Klar&PF rmx) by Klar&PF | Free Listening on SoundCloud

General Comment I agree with superfriend. In addition to this, I believe he is saying “Play for time, and you might understand” not “plead” for time. Will he or she not hear the “I love you” because he refuses to litgle it and moreover, does he resist this action out of integrity and honesty to his own emotions, or frankmusk he refusing to speak frankmusik 3 little words truth in an act of self-preservation against a person he sees as untrustworthy?

So she will understand his motives if she “plays for time” instead of playing for passion. However, it is not ,ittle that a person could: Login with Google Error: And ultimately it sounds like both the girl and the frankmusik 3 little words are insecure. He pretty much just wants her when he feels like it and has no loving feeling for her, just of lust. I feel this wlrds because he goes: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery.


These possibilities are also not mutually exclusive; there are many ways in which a person might lie to oneself. There was an error.

3 Little Words

My Interpretation The narrative voice does allow for some ambiguity as to what the lie is that the subject of the song is telling him- or herself: I being a bisexual man have also danced raunchily with, llttle, made out with, and frankmusik 3 little words my ass unsolicitedly grabbed by lesbians.

Are they lying in believing that he could fall in love with the subject, or lying in believing that they are indeed in love with him?

General Comment it’s about a girl hitting on a gay guy. Flag myslead on March 30, General Comment To me it’s like it’s about this guy is in a relationship with a girl, and the girl is very serious about him but he’s not the same about her. Flag theMetatron on September 19, User does not exist.

Seems like he knows that this relationship is more like a ‘temporary’ one until the right frankmusik 3 little words comes along aka maybe along the lines of something like friends with benefits but shes trying to convince herself and him that things will workout and he’ll actually fall in love with her.

General Comment they’re trying a relationship but he’s convinced it’s not gonna work and that he’s not in love with her. Lyrics submitted by pipipipipi.

Flag Fanjita on February 28, I was in the music video Gay-guy-talking-to-straight-girl interpretation stands as plausible. Frankmusik 3 little words Comment I think this is about a relationship and the people keep breaking up and getting back together.


They don’t really understand one another and so one of them has enough of it. Is he resistant to saying the three words because he truly isn’t in love with the subject or because he fears that the subject is insincere or fickle?

She wants him frankmusik 3 little words tell her that he loves her, but he can’t because he’s not serious about her, possibly even letting the fact that their relationship might not last stop him from letting him love her. General Comment I agree with RiotAngel The music video story doesn’t really go with the lyrics though.

General Comment The chorus is: We do not have any tags for 3 Little Words lyrics. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. In other words, getting into a serious relationship by saying the tree words “I love you”, will inevitably fail and will end with the three words “I hate frankmusik 3 little words and he will end up without a relationship AND he will have a lost a friend – so he refuses to get serious.

General Comment you know how theres a slower and ‘jazzier’ version of this song.?