How Education can shape a better future?

Whether you put the lens on any particular society from a history book, or you conduct a case study on one that exists as of today, there is a clear co-relation that exists between the literacy rate, the standard of living and intrinsic social parameters such as social justice, equality and equitable development. From voting the right representatives to power, to ensuring a strong, well-motivated and equipped future generation, education plays a mighty role in ensuring all of these aspects. By making an individual self-reliant, self-aware, logical, vigilant, rational and inculcate a scientific bent of mind, the role played by education has been universally hailed. And the World Education Forum is using CGI based technology to work with all its member nations is consistently working towards uplifting downtrodden societies with the powerful tool of education.

The Fights against Illiteracy begins!

It’s high time we recognized that mankind’s greatest enemy is illiteracy and ignorance. If one observes closely, all the other worldwide problems of hunger, poverty, destitution, violence, communalism and social injustice trace their roots to ignorance. With the organization of the next World Education Forum Meet in Palestine, world leaders have stepped several inches closer to fighting ignorance. As educated fellow humans, let us pledge to fight the clutches of illiteracy that grip and entangle societies in various dastardly ways, and enable to break the shackles once and for all.