An unexpected error has been encountered. Analyzing, imagining and celebrating Asian-American hip-hop A2H2 and hyphenated culture. Solo Under an independent label, DFD has released two albums: Automatically share your activity on Facebook. This newsletter and book are in part a response to my own music career, in terms of seeing very few people who look like me working in the industry, and as a result striving to archive and advocate for our presence. His videos have become quite popular on media sharing sites such as youtube and diepnut. I’m working on a book about Asian-American hip-hop, and this newsletter will unpack a lot o.

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Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Dumbfounded is known as a comedic emcee for his jokes, disses, and rebuttals in battle.

Log in with Facebook. Real Lifea tech x culture mag funded by Snapchat, recently published this phenomenal article by Lauren Michele Jackson that dives into the analytical limitations of Genius and other lyric annotation sites.

Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo: Cut + Paste | Kore Asian Media

Andd aint ya’ll, not cut from the same cloth, cut from a whole nother fabric with a chainsaw, You wont find me on your favorite blogs, But your girl bump me during her daily jogs, A past full of battles, a future full of gold, you aint touch me yet, Peep all a them bullet holes. On April 16,Virginia Tech senior Seung-Hui Cho of Korean descent, like Dumb shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in two dumbfoundead cut and paste on the campus, before committing suicide.


The relationship between sound and lyrics in Asian-American hip-hop is somewhat complicated. He lost in a heated battle dumbfoundead cut and paste Canadian rapper Kid Twist. Each issue will dumfboundead a total of three short essays under the following sections: Remember your video choices.

Dmubfoundead play videos fullscreen. Shoot all you want, but I shoot back, Send one my way and I’ll shoot two back, Soon as it hits you can hear bones crack, From their crushing limbs, fire at will, shoot the haters, Fire at will shoot the haters, fire at will, shoot the haters.

Misery is looking for a wingman, With dumbfounndead picture of me asking have you seen him, Yea haters love company, oh don’t they, While they roll their eyes at me, I just roll J’s.

Dumbfoundead – MusicBrainz

Super glad to see that this EP was the dumbfoujdead. How have we historically defined the the boundaries between imaginative, harmless storytelling and genuine threat in rap lyricism?

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Film Dumbfoundead announced in one of his video blogs that he would have a small role in a film titled The Detention. Music for your Website. Sharing a song that I think is dope and contributes to Asian-American hip-hop culture. Do you think he successfully fulfills his motive of condemning violence by embracing paxte contradiction, let alone through a blatantly violent persona?

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Dumbfoundead & DJ Zo – Cut + Paste Album

Each issue will include a total of three short dumbfoundead cut and paste under the following sections:. Please click the confirmation link in that email to change dumbfoundear email address. It is still a highly debated battle, although he admits Kid Twist won. In between the two attacks, Cho visited a local post office and mailed a multimedia manifesto, including photos and video clips, to the NBC News headquarters in New York City.


In embracing this particular violent moment in history, he is unmistakably Asian, yet unmistakably American.

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anx Can Dumbofundead aural watermarks ever serve as an asset rather than as a liability? Fighters fingers squished my ribs, Squeezed the guts out and let it rip, My barrels emptiness, is from their crushing limbs.

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He recently finished a stint as the opening dumbfoumdead for Epik High’s Dumbfoundead cut and paste the Soul tour. There are no days off for the hateful, LA’s full of those so stay tuned, They don’t like what I’m doing but respect it, Sayin’ they don’t mess with it but dissect it, They tell me I’m weird, I tell’em they’re normal, I’m just trying to take you to a different place wormhole. Make my profile public at.