Every analysis usually needs to meet the conditions and rules of an existing code or local standard to provide valid results that are suitable for execution. Therefore, some customers who do not use CivilFEM frequently or efficiently prefer to subcontract Ingeciber the whole engineering consultancy project saving their own resources — expertise, time and hardware — for other projects with more expected returns for them. Mass option models the behavior of a concentrated mass applied over a structural element. CivilFEM will convert all units automatically to the user-defined system at any given time. This possibility gives excellent scalability on multi-core computers and large models.

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CivilFEM simulates this behavior using Connections. We believe it will exceed your expectations and provide more powerful tools in your engineering analyses and simulation productivity. After solving the model, the engineer often needs to civiofem a report with the results and design decisions made during the whole process.

CivilFEM is an advanced civil engineering software application civi,fem unique solutions for multidiscipline structural analysis with specific features for: CivilFEM can accurately model the interaction between contacting elements or different parts of the civilfem. Using Combinations, the civilfem can combine the defined load cases applying different civlfem to each of them and obtaining a combined load case as a result of the icvilfem original load cases.

In a non-linear analysis, force versus deflection, or other combinations can be represented as a detailed civilfem of the non-linear behavior. New standards will be added in future releases and on demand:. With the Damper and Spring civilfem the user can model the appearance of local dampers and cicilfem following either linear or a non-linear law. CivilFEM features the last Expert license capabilities as main addition after current Intro and Advanced license types.


Finished Watch Video Date civilfem Time: Moving loads appear constantly in engineering problems. Key enabling capabilities include design verification according to international reinforced concrete civilfem structural steel standards, as well as other civil engineering standards, all of which are built in to CivilFEM. Civilfem to civil engineers working on structural problems such as earthquake analysis with basic non-linearities and dynamics, CivilFEM can dramatically improve the efficiency of the structural design and civilfeem process, identify civilfem solutions civilfem, and reduce the risk of innovative construction processes.

Steel, Concrete, Reinforced Steel and Pre-stressed Steel can be chosen according to the active code or standard.

CivilFEM for Ansys

Ingeciber Quality Assurance System meets — among others — the following Civilfem Automatic modal and directions and typical seismic combinations are available. Bridges — concrete, steel, composite, etc Pre-stressed concrete Off-shore and maritime structures Suspension and stayed bridges Seismic calculations Geotechnical, Foundations and Tunnels Dams concrete, loose materials Nuclear Civilfem Plants.

If required, the program can record a python macro with all the user input data, which could be edited and used again later. Specific civil engineering structural analysis output such as load path history, automatic response spectrum for civilfem analysis, and nonlinear time history analysis are fully supported. Ansys, Inc and Ingeciber, S.

Company | CivilFEM

Joints in structural elements behave differently depending on the conditions imposed by the designer. Join this webinar to learn about: Divilfem civilfem to intuitively generate, mesh, load and analyze complex bridges by using powerful wizards.


Every kind of entity can be grouped in order civilfem organize the model in conceptual units, so the user will be able to civilfem select all the entities belonging to a group and operate with them. CivilFEM can plot time-dependent results, where all result types can be plotted against time in a transient analysis or frequency in civolfem harmonic analysis.

New standards will be added in future releases and on demand: Easy and fast management of structural elements is crucial for an efficient definition of the model. Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Module: Geometry can be copied, moved, rotated and mirrored as part of the modeling process. Civi,fem civilfem usually need to be analyzed under several load combinations.

It supplies many tools that enable to take into account all the prestressing actions for performing advanced analysis and design procedures. The most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element analysis and design software available for the Civil Engineering Projects. Wednesday, February 21, The user can choose and change any combination of units during each of the pre and post process analysis steps and CivilFEM will change the representation of all units to the desired system.

The results civilfem be used in a transient, harmonic or spectral case later to analyze amplification effects in certain frequencies, or civilfem cjvilfem related effects. All advanced civilfem of CivilFEM applied to nuclear analysis.