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Are you one of the millions who wish peace all over Israel and Palestine?

Join us as we advocate for unity all over the Middle East.

As we all know, Israel and Palestine have been in a continuous struggle for over many decades. Peace process negotiations have been performed between two parties. But until now, no definite solutions are being agreed.

With this, we wish to expand our community by helping run this website.

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Are you knowledgeable of the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Then send us your articles. We are accepting guest posts regarding peace in Israel. We also publish any content related to peace-process, Palestine, Arabs, Israel, Jews, etc.

Analysts and Experts

If you are an expert on this matter, we are humbly asking you to lend us your voice in analyzing the issues and conditions in this struggle. We are looking for unbiased content that will encourage our audience to take a stand on this matter.


We are also open to advertisers and sponsors. Our community has been running for over 10 years. Every day, we have thousands of visitors. Our website can help you promote your business. We offer custom-tailored advertising solutions. Furthermore, we always partner with enterprises and companies that have the same goals and objectives with us.

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Violence is never the answer. WEF Palestine is an online community that advocates for peace all over Palestine. We advocate for the mutual agreement of the two-state solution which we think is the best answer to the all-time conflict.