World Social Forum

Envisioned in the dawn of the new millennium and officially formed in 2001, the World Social Forum is a multi-faceted attempt to bring forth a global society. While its headquarters is situated in the Porto Alegre city of Brazil (which happens to be the capital city of the biggest state, Rio), the annual meetings are held in various parts of the world, depending on which member nation has been voted as the centre and host for the particular year. To understand the motive behind the formation of the World Social Forum, it would be helpful to understand the meaning of neo-liberalism. This is basically a collective term to describe free flowing trade between the various world economies, and brings robust aspects such of globalization such as deregulation policies, maximized privatization and fiscal austerity to the forefront. Of course, one cannot eliminate the dynamics of the free market, but conscious efforts from the key economic bodies, world bodies and social institutions can help us achieve these objectives in a systematic and realistic manner.

World Education Forum in Palestine

Under the constituting principles and charter points of UNESCO, the World Social Forum has diversified itself into various sub-bodies for the purpose of operational efficiency and ease. In order to focus on the key issues pertaining to education, the formation of the World Education Forum has been inevitable. Palestine continues to remain amongst the key places where the World Education Forum has been conducted, and its various operations have been streamlined. With the dates of this particular forum to be organized in Palestine this year have been schedules from 28th October to 31st October, the fact that five other events of the World Social Forum will be organized in different parts of the globe during the exact same dates, makes the entire occasion all the more momentous.